Wise Investments for the Everyday VOpreneur – Episode 029


To run a successful voice over business, you’ve got to be prepared to make some investments. In this weeks episode, you’re going to hear stories about some great ones. Just not the ones you might be expecting. We’re not talking about voice over coaching or demos and we’re not talking about new equipment for your studio.

You’re going to hear stories from Everyday VOpreneurs like you who talk about some of the best investments they feel they’ve made for their businesses and some of the answers might be unexpected. 


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David Cui Cui
Visit https://davidcuicuivo.com

Cara Scott
Visit https://www.carascottvo.com

Timothy Johnson
Visit http://timmyvo.com

Jodi Krangle
Visit https://voiceoversandvocals.com

J. Rodney Turner
Visit https://jrodneyturner.com

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* Thanks to Krysta Wallrauch for VO contributions!
Visit http://krystawallrauch.com

Featured Stories

  • 5:12 David Cui Cui
  • 11:13 Cara Scott
  • 16:29 Tim Johnson
  • 22:22 Jodi Krangle
  • 27:33 J Rodney Turner
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