A Fireside Chat about AI and Voice Over – Summer Series 2021 Episode 09


We say that AI is coming, but the fact of the matter is, AI is already here. It’s already a part of the voice over industry. In actuality, then, it’s not about whether or not it’s coming, but more about how long it’s going to take to develop a strong foothold.

More than that, it’s about what that foothold will look like? How is AI going to integrate with voice over? Are we, as an industry, going to be a part of shaping that future? Or will be stand on the sidelines and ultimately get left behind?

I want to be part of the conversations. I want to help shape the change. I want to figure out how to embrace A.I. technology and make it a part of my voice over business, not get left behind by it until my business is obsolete.

This episode of the Everyday VOpreneur Podcast is all about offering some perspective on what’s to come.

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